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Converting & Transfering Videos to N95 or N73 May 17, 2007

Posted by asimag in MacBook Pro, N73, N95.

Use Apple QuickTime Pro to cut and Trim your video and then finally export it to your N95 or N73. QuickTime Pro is amazing player and converter. I used the following Export settings to Convert Video for my N95:

Codec: Movie to MP4, Bitrate: 500Kbps, Image Size: QVGA 320×240, Check Preserve Aspec Ratio using: Letterbox, FrameRate: 24, KeyFrame:Automatic

How to Trim: If you have a large AVI or any format file and want to cut out a portion. First you need to adjust selection makers as shown in the picture to your desire positions (start and end). If you are not accurate in adjusting tiny makers you can first cut a selection and then have a second precise cut out. From the Edit Menu choose Trim Selection.

One Final Note: Place your Video on Memory Card in My Videos Folder. If you want to remove Black Bars at Top and Bottom, set Letterbox to Crop.



1. chega - July 5, 2007


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