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Increase Battery Life on Nokia N95 May 17, 2007

Posted by asimag in N95.
  1. Upgrade Your Firmware to V11.0.026 by downloading Nokia Software Updater. The Firmware is quite large around 120 MB.
  2. Reduce the brightness 1 notch from the default settings. Tools->Settings->General->Personalisation->Display->Light sensor->Move Joypad left 1 time
  3. If use WLAN then in WLAN Advance Settings set its Watts to 10mWatt from default 100mWatt.
    Tools->Settings->Connection->Wireless LAN. Press Options Button->Advance settings->Continue Yes->TX power level->10mW or 4mW
  4. If your carrier is not on 3G then switch your mobile from Dual Mode to GSM. [Tools->Settings->Phone->Network->Network Mode->GSM]


1. muzie - September 8, 2011

Can anyone help, i am using nokia n95 8GB. My battery do not even last 5min i must using my phone while i am charging it.

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