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Scanning Documents with Nokia N95 Camera May 30, 2007

Posted by asimag in N73, N95.

You don’t need a separate scanner if you own Nokia N95 or N73. Both Phone cameras are capable enough to scan text documents, Bills, etc and send it through email.


  • Set the Camera to CloseUP mode.
  • Set Sharpness to Normal
  • Set Flash to OFF
  • Hide the icons on the screen, so that you can get perfect view. Align the document edge with your screen
  • Press the Camera Button Half way down to focus, KEEP IT PRESSED, DONT LIFT YOUR FINGER. If you get green square all is ok, otherwise move the camera little bit further and try to focus again. When focus is achieve Press the (Half way Pressed) Button to its FULL Depth
  • Scale and Crop the image in Mobile Phone Editor


1. MALLESWARA RAO - July 24, 2011

document scanner for nokia n95

2. amine - June 30, 2013


3. achraf - January 24, 2014


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