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Hide Images from Phone Gallery June 12, 2007

Posted by asimag in N73, N95.

Do you need to hide images that show up in Phone Gallery Application. The easiest way to do is to move the images to Folder “My Videos” using File Manager. This works perfect with My Nokia N95. You can still view the images using File Manger. I recommend to install Y-Browser or SysExplorer.

For N73 move your images or image Folder to “Pb” folder. You can still view your image through Resco Viewer. Set the Resco Viewer Setting to show Hidden Images.

You can also use FREE Y-Browser to view images.



1. Yashvin - May 29, 2007

or simply use an Xplorer,a file explorer software that allows u to hide a specific folder just like in your computer!

2. asimag - May 29, 2007

Hiding Folders did not work for me.

3. kochels - June 30, 2007

Hi. Can you elaborate more on the “Pb” folder part? I am using a n73 and i will like to know where is this folder as i can’t find it. Am i suppose to create a new folder and name it as pb? Thanks.

4. chega - July 5, 2007


5. Jimmy - July 27, 2007

yea, i wondering the same thing as “kochels”

6. Jimmy - July 28, 2007

I made it!:-P
but i download the program from here: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/108168/
(i dont know if it is any difference)
but with help of that program, i found the “pb” file.
Just put the files there, and they are gone!:)

7. harsha - August 31, 2007

i download from here

8. Ran Goff - November 15, 2007

thank you for the tip about hiding file from gallery. made my day 🙂

9. Freaker - September 16, 2008

how about.. hiding your videos in my n95? i have lotsa.. you know.. videos that i don’t wanna let other people see.. LOL thanks a bunch!

10. arpith - April 1, 2009

where do i download Xplorer from??
i need it for nokia5220 xpress music!

11. happy - May 2, 2009

HAHA I could have used this knowledge two years ago when you first posted it! But better late than never

12. rajesh - July 4, 2009

hi friends

i have nokia n95, i wan 2 hide some special fotos,

can u help how to do that. i tried all softwares but dint work.

pls mail2 me @mail2rajesh2007@yahoo.co.in.

friends im waiting for ur answer.

13. raju patari - February 11, 2010

hi , i use nokia 7210 phone. can you kindly suggest me any software to hide the images and videos…

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