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How to Configure Gmail Account on Your N95/N73/… June 22, 2007

Posted by asimag in N73, N95.

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Here is the short tutorial which allows your to configure Gmail Account on N95: (IMP: You must enable POP3 access of Gmail Account. Hint:Look inside Setting and POP forwarding Options on gmail web site)

  1. Open Messaging Application
  2. Goto Mail box. It asks you No mailbox defined. Define now? Choose Yes
  3. Mailbox setup wizard will start. Press start to continue
  4. Mailbox Type choose POP3, Press Next
  5. On next screen type your email address xxx@gmail.com (IMP: press the Pencil Key and highlight your email address then press Copy. This will save you typing)
  6. Press Next
  7. Enter pop.gmail.com as Incoming mail server, Press Next
  8. Enter smtp.gmail.com as Outgoing mail server, Press Next
  9. Access Point, choose Always ask or your preferred one. press next
  10. In Mailbox name keep gmail press next
  11. Click Finish
  12. Click Option and then Settings
  13. Choose E-mail
  14. Press on Mailboxes and then on Gmail
  15. Press on Connection settings
  16. Press on Incoming e-mail
  17. Enter Username as xxx@gmail.com (You may Press Pencil and then paste)
  18. In Password type your password
  19. Scroll down to security port and choose SSL/TLS
  20. Press Back Button
  21. Select Outgoing e-mail, Enter your username and password as described above
  22. Scroll down to security port and choose SSL/TLS
  23. Hit Back Button twice
  24. Press on User settings
  25. Enter your Name as you want to display and then go back
  26. Goto Retrieval Settings
  27. Click on E-mail to retrieve and change it to size limit and then enter 100KB or whatever you like in next screen. Press OK
  28. Click on Back
  29. If you have unlimited GPRS connection then goto Automatic retrieval and change it otherwise leave as it is.
  30. Click back button multiple times so that you are back to main screen.
  31. Now when you start Messaging Application you will see Gmail Account goto it and retrieve your email.
  32. You can also send email attach images with it etc. Have fun 😉

Any Question? post them in comments.



1. Clips video et parol - June 27, 2007


2. Chris - July 10, 2007

Is there any advantage to setting up the phone’s mail to access Gmail compared to downloading the Gmail client?

3. asimag - July 11, 2007

Yes, You can not send attachments with Gmail Client while with phone mail you can.

4. questionier - July 12, 2007

Should I use MMS or MEdia Net as my access point on at&t?

5. Sjon - July 12, 2007

I followed the steps but i still get the message it can’t find the mailserver on my N95. I also made sure pop3 was activated in my gmail account. Why can’t my phone find the server?

6. Holme - July 16, 2007

Works like a charm.
Thx 🙂

7. asimag - July 16, 2007

Sjon try web browser on your phone if you can not browser then there is problem in your Access Point. You may need to call support.

8. Gowtham - July 20, 2007

Doesn’t work 😦
It says connection timed out, but I can access web from the same access point… Any hints?

9. Monty - July 22, 2007

Works perfectly. Thanks for the help

10. fsk - July 31, 2007

thanks guys

11. Darshan Jawalebhoi - August 1, 2007

Wow nice elaborate steps… finally i got it working! Seems i was messing up with SSL!

12. Anurag Sharma - August 1, 2007

Hey , can i even send my , .ppt,.doc,excel sheets with this as atachments? and can same be downloaded to my N73 with this service?

13. Srinivas Reddy - August 3, 2007

I have created the mail box of Gmail as instructed by you. But I am getting this message. Please help. “Packet data connection not available”.

suresh kr sharma - August 27, 2009

subscribe to GPRS first or check connection settings

14. asimag - August 3, 2007

Check with your Service Provider. You don’t have Internet GPRS connection configured on your mobile. Check your access point setting or get them from service provider.

Another good check is to use web browser on your phone to browse web site before configuring gmail account.

15. Yo Yo Mother - August 4, 2007

I keep timing out when asked for a connection. What should the port settings be, default or user defined? if user defined, what numbers?

16. Haikov - August 12, 2007

thanks for these clear steps on installing gmail on the n95, but i’ve got a problem with it ; after I try to connect, it asks my username and password, then asks if I want it to remember it, after which it seems to be connecting. Only after a few seconds, it asks my username and password again, and again, and again…
I’ve checked my password over and over again, is it something you’ve heard of before?



17. asimag - August 13, 2007

Never happen to me. Check again you might have configured the username and password incorrectly in settings. Gmail username should be without ‘@gmail’ or try with it.

18. Haikov - August 13, 2007

Thanks for the quick reaction,

I’ve managed to solve it myself in the mean time; I was still supposed to change the setting ‘disable POP’ into ‘enable POP’ in the general preferences of my gmail account.

thanks again for your reaction and maybe till next time!

19. iftikhar - August 20, 2007

bro i m facing the same prob as a few of the friends brought into ur knowledge,wen i try these settings with yahoo then it asks user name n password again n again,n wen i try the whole procedure as u told for gmail then it keeps connecting n finally says timed out, u try to look into the matter as i m putting the right user name n password,i m sending u my official email address i wud glad to receive ur reply,waiting ur response, (iftikhar.rasool@pk.standardchartered.com

20. asimag - August 20, 2007

let me know what telecom carrier you are using. Are u using WAP access point or Internet Access Point. For gmail you need Internet access point.

21. iftikhar - August 21, 2007

bro i m using warid telecom and definitely i use intenet access point, additionally i ve enabled pop from my gmail account settings.. i ve sent you my official mail ID n also sending you my gmail account as well, the handset i m using is N 73 ME…
by the i m extremely glad for ur quick response and the help you provide to the users,thanx a lot for this..

22. Divakar - September 3, 2007

I have created the mail box of Gmail as instructed by you. But I am getting this message even I put the HEADER RETRIVAL as ALWAYS ENABLED. IT giving the message as. “HEADER RETRIVAL IS DISABLED”.

23. Tushar - September 3, 2007

Doesn’t work
It says connection timed out, but I can access web from the same access point… Any hints?

24. asimag - September 4, 2007

Get the setting for Internet Access Point not the WAP access point.

25. liffey - September 10, 2007

hi, nice follow trough, thx.
managed quit a lot on my own but failed on sending mail, it says to check my settings, checked everything, but al the same as you said.
retreving goes smooth though, but sending with attachments would be nice.

26. DeParker - September 11, 2007

hi bro

could tell me is it possible to configure it on Nokia 6300?
thanks anyway.


27. asimag - September 12, 2007

It is possible to configure gmail on Nokia 6300. It has a built in Wizard to configure gmail. I have done it.

28. Dude - September 19, 2007

I have tried all these settings in my nokia N73. but still i am getting a message ‘server not found”. Can anyone help me to configure my phones e-mail settings to use gmail from my mobile….??? i have a GPRS connection from Airtel “Airtel online”.

29. asimag - September 20, 2007

Post your access point settings.

30. chlankboot - September 25, 2007

hi, it sucks with my wlan , gprs working fine either pop3 or smtp.

31. chlankboot - September 25, 2007

N95 rocks …

32. Owen - September 26, 2007

According to goolge the server in/out should be pop.googlemail.com ?



33. Steven - September 30, 2007

Have brand new N73 but cannot follow your instructions. I’ve enabled POP in my gmail settings. Your first line says open messaging application but my messaging N73 messaging menu is all about SMS. Am I missing something ?

34. KM - October 10, 2007

I’ve got N73ME and I had followed all instruction shown above but I couldn’t be able to retrieve any mail neither to send it, it stays in out box saying Queued. Why tell me why, men. Help me please SOS

35. giridhar - October 10, 2007

same here guys on N73ME. It connect to gmail and receives a certificate. It says certificate has expired. I still go ahead and then it says sorry cannot find server.

36. giridhar - October 10, 2007

I am not able to send mails as well. i just says sending email and there is a cancel button for a long time.. unless i cancel it just stays like that. the mails are not sent

37. Jason - October 24, 2007

Using StartTLS instead of SSL/TLS in the Security (Ports) setting for outgoing mail made it work for me

38. Prajith - October 26, 2007

I have successfully configured my Google mailbox on my N73. Thank you all..

But when I am connecting to my google mailbox, am getting the following warning:
“This site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway?”

If I continue, will I get any problem? or how can I get resolve this problem?

39. Ashen - November 7, 2007

thank you very much

40. Martin - November 8, 2007

Hi, I’ve followed all the steps, however when I try to connect, all I get is “Connection timed out” or “General operation time out” Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

41. Randy - November 17, 2007

I have successfully configured my Google mailbox on my N95 8Gb

But when I am connecting to my google mailbox, am getting the following warning:
“This site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway?”

If I continue, it works fine but how do i get rid of this message?

42. Max - November 23, 2007

I would like to know how to get rid of the untrusted certificate message on the n95 8gb too.


43. Josue - December 3, 2007

When I try to retreive my email I get this message: “This site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway?”
I have send emails from my phone alreadynd but I am just not able to retreive any emails.

44. Graham - December 6, 2007

Why when i go t recieve mail it deletes all the old mail on my phone!

45. prashant bansal - December 9, 2007

sorry but i cant able to connect to my mailbox…the msg i m getting is….ckeck connection settings….i have mede the setting as per yours….but still its not working

46. Alon - December 17, 2007

Very good explanation how to configure Gmail account.
Guys when you try to connect verify before that you are using
GPRS connection. WAP connection doesn’t allow you to connect.
Good Luck 🙂
Respect to owner of this article

47. Ahmed - January 1, 2008

Guys, I tried every way to configure it on the Messages mailboxes, but I only recieve old emails, like 20 days older than today???

Whatever I do it doesn’t retrieve any newer emails…

Anyone have a fix?


48. Sankar R - January 26, 2008

I am trying to configure gmail mail box in my N95 8GB mobile. I have done all the settings given by you. I have selected my access point as NOP. But it keeps saying “Incoming mail server not found. Check mailbox settings.”.
What could be the problem with my settings?

49. Kev Marson - February 18, 2008

ASIMAG, thank you very very much, been on the phone to Vodaphone all night trying to get them to sort out my mail and some random guy on the web sorted it for me!!

And for all the other guys getting the timed out message, change it from your WAP setting to GPRS or somethign similiar i was getting the timed out messged and changed it from Vodafone Live to IFKHY or what ever it is and it worked straight away!!


50. SamaraRegion - March 1, 2008

its the best post from you, thanks a lot

51. Muheet - March 2, 2008

I Tried all of the above stuff.. i used bsnlgprs as my access point. in my case it is telling me invalid user name and password.. but i have tried it ten times and it is correct.. but still i am not getting the things done.. please guide..

With Reardss.

52. Amar - March 12, 2008

How do Retrieve only the mails from latest to oldest order..I have too many mails in gmail and takes too much time to download old ones

53. contentious.com - links for 2008-03-30 - March 30, 2008

[…] How to Configure Gmail Account on Your N95/N73/… « Mac and Mobile Exactly the instructions I needed for setting up gmail on my n95. I’m really liking this blog, very useful! (tags: mobile email tutorials) […]

54. snee - April 8, 2008

Works like a charm! thanks 🙂

55. Debabrata Das - April 12, 2008

I have tried the steps on my nokia N73 mobile. But it gives an error as “Internet : Server Not Found”. Though my GPRS sevice is activated & I am able to connect to internet through my mobile’s browser. I have Airtel connection & I have selected “Airtel Live!” as the access point. Please help…..

56. KK - April 17, 2008

works good but how can I keep it connected at all times. Presently automatic notification isn’t working. Everytime I have to go in mailbox and then connect it. I s there a way where it will check every 30 mins or so and notify says a new mail?

57. Lucy Darkness - April 20, 2008

I’ve tried setting up gmail on my phone this way and for some reason it does not retreive the emails automatically, even though it is set to do so. Also, when I do this manually by going to settings and retreive email it takes forever and then times out and therefore stops.
I have checked all the settings are correct on the phone and on the email account time and time again.
When I click connect it says ‘connecting to mailbox xxxxx@gmail.com‘ takes forever processing it and then says ‘insecure connection, unable to connect’
What is going on? Please someone help, I’m going out of my mind.

58. Rohit - April 29, 2008

Does Airtels NOP (NET ON PHONE) will allow it to access?

59. Srinath - May 14, 2008

I am using Nokia N82,I havr configured my gmail in my phone while connecting or retriving mails it’s saying mailbox server not found

60. Srinath - May 14, 2008

I am using Nokia N82,I havr configured my gmail in my phone while connecting or retriving mails it’s saying “Incoming Mail server Not found.Check mailbox settings”

Pls help

61. N82 User - May 26, 2008

I’m also using a nokia n82,i have managed to download most of my new emails from gmail.Sometimes it updates my mailbox and sometimes it says “incoming mail server not found,check mailbox settings” .whats causing this because my connection is working properly?

62. Tutul - June 7, 2008

I am from Bangladesh. I would like to know about mailbox settings. The name of my mobile is NOKIA N70.

63. Vishal - June 20, 2008


I have got all these configurations on my phone but still have a slight problem.

My N95 8gb doesn’t actually retrieve any of my emails. It allows me to send emails when connected, but will not actually retrieve and received emails to my mailbox. Have spoken to T-Mobile and they have no ideas, does anyone else??


64. mk - June 23, 2008

hi I have done all the setting, like incoming mail(pop.gmail.com), outgoing mail server(smtp.gmail.com), port no 995 and 465,ssl, but still i am getting “Internet: server not found” please help me in the same.

65. Muhammad Umer Naim - July 3, 2008

Thanks Brother its working

Bro Amos Seo - October 2, 2013
66. alama - July 8, 2008

there are 2 ways in Nokia E51 to setup EMAIL. one is email server, another is messaging. the first one can not be configured. but the second one is in only seconds to finish. Simply following the prompt request. After I finished, I did receive all the list of my gmail account. it was using the connection of “Starhub Internet”. I had set my phone to GSM (no 3G icon in screen), and had deleted all the GPRS etc connection except WLAN before above email setting. Found that the packet data was used by “Starhub Internet”, more than 65KB. I think the bill for this month will show the cost for this try. 😦

67. Dan - July 14, 2008

I get dns failed when i try to send a msg to my email address…any idea how to fix this?

68. Kazi AbdulRauf - July 18, 2008

Thanks for giving a configure for N95

69. sumant - July 24, 2008

I have followed all your steps on myN73
But it is showing connecting to mailbox ‘gmail’
afterwards it shows connection timeout
please help

70. Obsewhece - August 3, 2008

Thanks for the post

71. robbin - August 6, 2008

Can anyone help me with this –>

1. I go to retrieve e-mail
2. All
3. Connecting to mailbox
4. I choose mu acces point
5. Connecting to mailbox ‘gmail’

and then –> no email messages
But i’m 100% suren that there e-mail in it…
And before updating my software it has worked

Don’t know what to do…

72. Alu - August 7, 2008

Pliz help me hw do i connect 2 yahoo,gettin server not found using an N73

73. Alu - August 12, 2008

Wanting to connect to yahoo mail,got every setting okay but am being told that check user name or password access to server denied,please help me

74. Gerry - August 19, 2008

Hi there,

Thanks for this site – I now have gmail on my N95 – wonderful! However, I am also getting the ‘This stite has sent an untrusted certificate” message. Do you know how to get rid of it?

75. Murtala Muhammad Attahir - August 23, 2008

Good day. Pls. how can I set the GMAIL on my Nokia E9300 Series mobile phone?

76. Edwin - August 26, 2008

Hi i need to configer the yahoo mail in my nokia n73. And my id is yahoo.co.in. Whats the incoming and outgoing server id.. Any one can help me

77. Richard - September 1, 2008

I used gmail on my n73, worked fine.

however I’m concerned about how much data i’m using. Anyone have an idea how much the auto retrieval function uses?

78. Vikrant Kumar - September 3, 2008

I have Nokia 7610. But I am unable to Configure with the same Seeting can you tell me the seeting for my phone.

79. RAMESH - September 5, 2008

i got N73 i have activated airtel online. how to configur email in it

80. abdulrazaq - September 15, 2008

Hi i need to configer the gmail in my nokia 6120 classic

81. arup dolui - September 23, 2008

i have a n95.Access point airtel nop.i want gmail configure.please help me.

82. rakesh kumar - September 25, 2008

I followed the steps but i still get the message “incoming mail server not found.check mailbox setting” . i don’t know what to do,please guide me.

83. Prasad K - October 1, 2008

Hi people,

I am getting the general operation time out error as mentioned by someone earlier in the comments. I want to try the suggestion to change from wap to gprs. But I do not know how do I know which is what connection ? Can any one in India tell me if Vodafone live is WAP or GPRS ? I believe it is GPRS.

Please help.


84. anje1029 - October 5, 2008

Thanx dude works perfectly on N73

85. PhireeVew - October 17, 2008

Good Day! I’m sorry, but where i can find some information about computers. What can you advise to me? Tell me please, who knows!
viagera purchase Thank you very much!

86. murali - October 29, 2008

how to configure gmail account in Nokia E71

87. Kipper - October 31, 2008

I have an E51 and when i go to check & retrieve my emails, it deletes all the old mail on my phone!

I have seen this question asked before not havent seen any answers posted. Any help would be appreciated.

88. pradeep - November 10, 2008

hi can someone pls send me the settings for nokia n73 email settings for native email ,i have gprs active and my service provider is airtel,i have already setup gmail,but unable to setup the mailbox of yahoo and live.com,pls help,my mail id is pdbhatia@gmail.com.

Your help will be highly appreciated

89. Pablo - November 19, 2008

Hi, I’m already using POP3 to download Gmail into Outlook 2007, Is it possible to use it also to push it to the N95? or have to use IMAP or simple cannot both?


90. muthu - November 23, 2008


My phone is n73. i followed your instructions to configure mailbox.
but it shows server not found. i checked many times, not use.
Please please help me on this. i really want to activate gmail mailbox in my phone.

91. test - November 26, 2008

thats nice to hear from the forum
can some one explain how to delete this gmail from my N73 now.

92. Yuvaraj - December 2, 2008

Message->Options->Settings->Email->Mailboxes->”Select Gmail”->options->delete.

93. jijo - December 10, 2008

it s working thanks

94. :::Daniel - December 12, 2008

gracias de verdad fue de utilidad post more about nokia N95 utilities

95. Suresh Kumar - December 17, 2008

hi i am using N73, but i cannot access G mail due to error in mobile.
I have come across till serial no 18, but 19 to 32 is not working. Please advise what to do next.


96. Anton - December 25, 2008

Its working but when i change simcArd,email not sending.

97. Anton - December 25, 2008

Its working but when i change simcArd,email not sending.how about this??plese send to my email.

98. Ali - January 2, 2009

Works perfectly. Thanks for the help

99. SAJAN - January 15, 2009


100. mohamed farouk - January 28, 2009


101. Akshay - February 9, 2009

Its not working showing time out please help.

102. Jeff - February 20, 2009

I can set up for the outgoing server, and i can send mail out.

Now, for incoming, when i set the port for 995, and come back, to inbox, and go to setting again, it become default again, how to handle it.


103. Zohaib Siddiq - February 23, 2009

I cant get emails when i set auto retrieve. Even if it retrieves, retrieves only oldest unread emails and not latest emails. More over my connection gets lost after 10 mins. Whenever i click exit in messaging connection is lost. I use n73, and gmail. Plz ielp

104. Justin - May 7, 2009

Thank you very much….
Now I get mail in my mail boxes..


105. Tommy - May 8, 2009

using POP it can’t receive new e-mails, but if configure using IMP4 no problem at all. but thanks for the info. N95 rocks!

106. nitish - May 26, 2009

i have nokia n73
plz tell me how to configure the IM application…..

107. mani - June 5, 2009

thanks dude…

108. lal - June 25, 2009

tks man, it helped.

109. _azazel_ - June 28, 2009

works like a charm! thank you for sharing this!

110. asimag - July 11, 2009

Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


111. Tarun Sharma - July 15, 2009

When I Click Gmail Account……..POP3 Server Failed………..

Plz send me wat can I do???

112. srvjtarora - July 15, 2009

how to configure mailbox on nokia n73 for yahoo mail

113. adam - July 28, 2009

Works great ecept I cant send emails or send pictures via email?
Please help??
Nokia N95 8gb?

114. iamjr - July 31, 2009

nice 1, thanks for the help

115. Mike - August 19, 2009

Thanks so much.

116. suresh kr sharma - August 27, 2009

Thanks..its working fine in my nokia N73…:-)

117. Zain - September 3, 2009

Thank you very much…i made set up in my nokia n 73…its working fine

118. manoj swami - September 5, 2009

thank u very much, i have done all 32 steps. but i find a problem. my gmail account is not running. only “connecting to mailbox gmail” screen is display

119. Kapil - September 18, 2009

when i try to retreive mails my old mails delete automatically from my phone. Can any one please guide me how to update the same so that my old mails should not delete from my phone

120. zarin_anjum - October 27, 2009

I am a student.

121. SaqiB - November 23, 2009

Dear when i click to connect then message appair that

Server not found

Plz help me my email address is muhmmadsaqibs@gmail.com

thanks alot

122. nitin - December 3, 2009

All you above Indian guys.. this will not work on your Rs. 49/- ka plan.. take Vodafone or Airtel ka Rs. 200/- ka plan… it will work.. same thing applies for Fring.. cheers

123. Aftab - December 5, 2009

u r tomuch budy…..
Thank you very much…i made set up in my nokia n 95…its working fine

Dear all Indian brothors the Indian all networks is bulshitttt and theft (chor hai sale sab ke sab, CHOTA RECHARGE MOTA RECHARGE BOLE KE LOOT-TEN HAI PER SERVICE COMPLITE NAHI DETE) the whole word is running in 3g and the are stile sliping in GPRS.

well, Dear this kind of service you should take full connectivites from ur ISP.

124. attahir - January 8, 2010

weiicom to any friend

125. attahir - January 8, 2010

wellcom to any friend – English

126. A R Asmi - January 18, 2010

i have already made the setting as per you mentioned above, but when i’m connecting to the internet through my nokia n95 8gb phone i’m getting the following error message..
“Unable to create secure login. Server may not be support secure login”
please let me know how to rectify the above error?…. please help me..

127. Farhad - February 5, 2010

i have test it on my n95 8gb and its working correctly but i dont know why i cant send emails via my mobile

128. mixx - March 9, 2010

much appreciate

129. Shan - March 11, 2010

How to access wordpress account in my mobile nokia 6300. Pls help me. Is there any application available pls send me the link to download the application.

130. ashish - March 30, 2010

i hv followed evry thng tht u said ,bt i try 2 cnnct 2 my mail box it shows no incoming server found . M using nokia 6121 classic phone plz help

131. Ashutoah Gupta - April 12, 2010

thanks a ton for such an easy & elaborating tutorial….!

132. shaikat - May 1, 2010

Help needed. Thank you for useful post. I have configured my gmail successfully, and can retrieve mails. But my problem is that i am not getting mail alerts. I have activated AUTO RETRIEVAL,HEADERS ONLY, SELECTED ACCESS POINT, MADE E MAIL ALERT ON. in profile. Still my phone does not ring when mail retrieved. THE MAILS JUST RETRIEVED SILENTLY, i can read them when i click my Messaging Menu. Isn’t it possible to get alert in my NOKIA N73. Help please.

133. Dhinesh - May 26, 2010

I owe you!!! Its working

134. Talha - May 31, 2010

Sir I have followed all these instuctions on my N73 but when I connect to it, it says that internet: server not found

Sir Can you please tell me that why this problem is occuring
I shall be very Thankful

135. Masoud - June 6, 2010

thanks for your post . 😀

136. arindam - June 7, 2010

i hv done evrythn y said.bt gettin d error server not found in n73 music edition.i hv reliance connection and hv selected rwap as it ws d only optn

137. chandu - June 21, 2010

fine.its workng.thnks

138. Nikhil - July 24, 2010

Thank, dude. Its working

139. patrick mario - September 6, 2010

this guy god go bless u for this setting you take time to explain my n73 is working very well thanks

140. Rehman - September 15, 2010

hey thanks buddy

141. ntblb_7 - October 8, 2010

here in lebanon we use alfa wap . internet is not available , i there any way 2 make it work with wap ?? and i want 2 ask did it work with wlan ???

142. Masum Ahmed - October 17, 2010

How to i configure Any email account on Samsung F700v.
I am from bangladesh….

143. blackstrawberry - October 25, 2010

this is real stupidity, b’cos every mail engine have a port id…

144. jahid - October 29, 2010

he who post this setup thing many many thanks

145. krishna - November 11, 2010

HI my phone model is LG GD580, please tell me how to create mail box in my mobile.

146. raneez - November 28, 2010

friends, i successfully configured gmail mail box.
The settings given in this article are correct but before that we need to enable pop3 in your gmail account. Go to settings in your gmail account and enable it. Enjoy.

147. Prashant - December 6, 2010

Genaral time-out this problam plz send me port no

148. akash - December 9, 2010

how to configure my yahoomail a/c on nokia n 73 using idea sim

149. technology and intertainment - December 21, 2010

I did get the above to work, only does this mean that everytime I add a new category I have to make sure I add a style for it in my css? How could I set a “default” style that is always active unless the post is filed under a the selected “styled” category?

150. danish - December 27, 2010

i want setting for im not messaging….any bdy have setting for im for gtalk

151. nidhin - December 30, 2010

if u want to solve the problem then plz set the port to 995(or 993) in incoming e-mail and 465 in outgoing e-mail

152. nadeem - January 23, 2011

pls acount name detail

153. S.alam - January 26, 2011

I knw bes gmail cnfigur.

154. bose - February 18, 2011

hi dearz****
thankz a lot for tis setings ya))
my device n95& i hav given the abov steps clearly
But stil it shows that incoming mail server not found nu))))so sad maaaa???pls help

155. hisyam sakyat - March 8, 2011

salam sejahtra panjang umur agung rejeki kemudahan segala hal jauh dari mala petaka

156. Sanjeev - March 11, 2011

I Followed the same step.. but when tried to connect it said server not found. I think some port to be provided

157. Aneesh Nair - March 15, 2011

Hi dear
thankz a lot for this setings and help my device n73 thanks a lot

158. edie - March 25, 2011

thanx a ton ..superb answer

159. Mudasir - April 18, 2011

superb it really works on my n95 thanks

160. Mudasir - April 18, 2011

i followed the same steps and from a long time i was doing but i got no help from anyother but this setting really helps me thanks alot

161. dinesh kumar yadav - April 23, 2011

gmail setup to melbox

162. mahfuz ahmed - May 1, 2011

i followed all the step. At last 30 mail was seen in screen but can not be retrieve more then 30. New email is not been update. What should i do

163. soumya - May 6, 2011

thanks a lot

164. Aamir - May 9, 2011

Thanx a lot friend. Today I was able to configure my gmail account after using my Nokia N73 for exactly 3 yrs. Thanx again.
Can you plz let me know the steps for Rediffmail and Yahoo too?!

165. Aamir - May 9, 2011

Only 30 emails retrieved! What happened to rest of them? 😦

Mimzz - May 27, 2011

You have to go to Mailbox settings> What to sync> Emails to retrieve> and enter the number of emails you want to see.
Hope this helped!!

166. Mimzz - May 27, 2011

I have T-Mobile. Do you have to have a data plan in order to get gmail to work? I don’t have one and I set up the email according to these instructions and the emails are not sending or coming in!

167. Adinda7 - June 21, 2011

Thank you for the instructions 🙂

168. andrey - July 21, 2011

Thank you for your instruction.
Now i can open my gmail account, but i can’t send or reply any email.
Any clue??

Thank you.

169. jc - September 6, 2011


170. ashwin - October 28, 2011

It Works Fine….. This is Amazing………Thanks a lot……………

171. sushil kumar - October 29, 2011

i have all settings and receive also but i don’t send any e-mail from my mobile. Please give me setified answer.

sbsolanki - October 30, 2011

you may have done some mistake in setting the outgoing e-mail

172. sbsolanki - October 30, 2011

you’re a genius.. 🙂 thank you very much for such a useful post.

173. navin - November 1, 2011

its gr8

174. FDG - November 8, 2011


175. bagus - November 18, 2011

thanks, gan ^^,

176. sanjeeth uppala - November 21, 2011


177. sanjeeth uppala - November 21, 2011


178. epoyjun - November 22, 2011

I really like your post hope to read more from you.



179. sanjeeth uppala - November 24, 2011

yes are no u

180. Mufti Saleem - December 2, 2011

Thank You Sir. Great work done. Love you.

181. sundar - December 28, 2011

pls settings

182. Vinay - December 28, 2011

Your positing is to good..I was hitting my head on it for last 2 days to sort out this problem…but it was not working…not it works..hurray..

183. nazar afridi3 - December 28, 2011


184. mmqaadri - December 31, 2011

mymobile nokia 5230

185. dheekar - February 3, 2012

thanq very much

186. walter karirwi - February 18, 2012

thank u guys for saving the day

187. Aamir rahim khan - February 25, 2012

Please showout tecnic of puch email by handset i mean how can sait for nokia 6300

188. MOUNESH - March 5, 2012


MOUNESH - March 5, 2012

Hi i’m mounesh

189. ayaz alam - May 9, 2012

very2 thax

190. Wajid - June 2, 2012

Am configure gmail mailbox in nokia n73 as follow your step but i have problem when am connect its show me ‘server not found’ error what should i do

191. franklin - June 15, 2012

thanks a lot! I’ve tried severally to setup my email on my nokia N7b phone with no success, ur guide has really helped. The only challenge I faced was in setting the security port instead of ssl/tls, I had 993/995etc on my phone, I had to make a guess and my guess workedout

192. Vaskar Baidya - June 20, 2012

MY Stayel

193. Prince Ola S. Adedeji - June 21, 2012

Kindly pls assist me on how to set up Service Providers on my Nokia 6300-c to enable me update the software that came with my phone in 2008.

194. Felix - June 24, 2012

Wow! Awesome! Never thought for a sec that my phone will someday be able to do this. Thanks.

195. alhabo2oob - July 16, 2012

set email set message for nokia n95

196. Ognjen - August 3, 2012

Nice, thanks.

197. Syeadnisar - September 12, 2012

Jmw t

198. aditya - October 16, 2012

awesome work… thanks a lot… 🙂

199. Sanjeeth uppala - October 18, 2012


200. Lijo - October 21, 2012

How can i configure the gps on my n73_1 plz tel me abt that
if it need a external apps plz send the link 2 my mail id plz ,do it
as fast as u can.
Thank you very much

201. Faisal khan - December 27, 2012

its not working

202. amir - January 1, 2013

pls telme step by step

203. Richard poage - January 9, 2013

Forgot password

204. Marcus - January 10, 2013

I have set up my e mail as per the instructions given but now, it don’t want to connect to gmail. What must i still do ?

205. amit gawatre - January 28, 2013

mobile tv setteing

206. amit gawatre - January 28, 2013

nokia n 73

207. hiysamsakyat - February 8, 2013

yes.amat berguna

208. hiysamsakyat - February 8, 2013

baik.yes.makasih martunuwun

209. sakyat - February 8, 2013

yes.sempurna dan berguna

210. Gideon T. Mjumi - February 18, 2013

for my Nokia N95 8GB

211. Gideon T. Mjumi - February 23, 2013

I used the settings as highlighted and retrieved old emails but it’s failing to retrieve the currently and failing to send highlighting that it’s not matched. But I set as highlighted for my Nokia N95 8GB. So what should I do.

212. Godwin Shelton - March 3, 2013

thanx 4 the method. This site is awesome.

213. Sachin - March 18, 2013

I have followed all yours steps on my n73 but it is showing connecting to mailbox gmail after words it shown “CONNECTION TIME OUT” pleas help me
pleas repley fast

214. Fred Olisenekwu - March 27, 2013

U guyz r d bomb.i neva thot dat ma fone will b able 2 do diz email thing.bt like nw,am flexing it full time.God bless u guyz 4 diz post.

215. Fred Olisenekwu - March 27, 2013

Sowie i 4got 2 tell abt ma fone make.i use a Nokia N95 n am gud wif email nahw.all thankz 2 d above posterz n their post.hmmm ossshe!

216. Nathaniel Naty - April 5, 2013

it was very helpful. I appriciate your help, thank you now i can use my E mail on my phone

217. Zohaibrahman - April 21, 2013

Zohaib Rahman

218. donprince@gmail.com - April 30, 2013

i love u all.

219. anees - May 5, 2013

doesn’t work
It says general:operation time out..wat t do

220. anees - May 5, 2013

not working
It says general:operation time out..wat t do

221. dereesh - June 9, 2013

yes it is very helpful to me . . .
thank you all to help me . . .

222. dereesh - June 9, 2013

yes it’s most helpful to me . . . .

223. mayur - June 28, 2013

hey , when i was open and trying to connect to mailbox it shows me a msg ” server may not support secure login ” pls help me. . .

224. Fahim - July 26, 2013

thank you very much, your toutorial is worked.

225. Fahim - July 26, 2013

thank you very much, your tips is worked,

226. harry jayapalan - August 18, 2013

bro , iam do it in my n73 mail box you are sid settings all are , but i cant receve or sent emails from my phone, one msg is showing that time , unable to sent email . What can i do for it?

227. Manoj ku.bhal - August 25, 2013


228. shaikh - September 13, 2013

thankssssssssssssss ..

229. gauravbihari1 - November 23, 2013


230. sumon hossains - January 1, 2014

studan woark

231. amalendu chakraborty - January 11, 2014

I like gmail to send/receive messdges/comuniction among my relatives,friends & poqulation.

232. ali - January 25, 2014


233. RAHIM - February 15, 2014

Hi i am rahim from bogra,bangladesh.and you?please tell me very soon.my contact number is +8801852718147

234. desbloquear telemoveis - February 22, 2014

First of all I want to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question which I’d
like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to
know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing.
I’ve had trouble clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there.
I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to
figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Kudos!

235. cresha Tembo - April 4, 2014

where can l get the password and username.

236. Heroes of the storm beta Key - April 5, 2014

Thanks for your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will be sure to
bookmark your blog and definitely will come back someday.
I want to encourage yourself to continue your great work,
have a nice day!

237. ashabul jannah - June 23, 2014


238. ashton - July 12, 2014

failing to install gmail

239. jifat hossen babu - September 20, 2015

nokia n73 mobile gmail salano jai na keno?bar bar internet server not found ata ote.kibave n73 mobile gmail salobo bolen

240. jifat hossen - September 26, 2015

ami gmail teke arekjoner kase kiso pataile internet server not found ote why? Amar mobile n73 gmail sole na kibave kolbo plz ans me

241. shiva harijan - February 26, 2016

Old nokia n 73 all applications forward new activation

1684828663 - October 20, 2016


242. Thompson - September 25, 2017

I can use my e-mail

243. vijay kundu - December 17, 2017

when i retrieve e mail it showed general: feature not supported

244. sunmon seru - June 12, 2018


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