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Nokia N95 & N95 8GB new firmware available July 15, 2007

Posted by asimag in N95, N95 8GB.

Updated: 12 Feb 2008

Nokia N95 & N95 8GB new firmware 15.0.015 is now available through nokia software update. This firmware include spotlight search. That is in an instance you can find anything in your SMS, Messages, Music, Videos, Contacts etc. Your N95 will be more stable and fast. Recommended for N95 & N95 8GB owners.



1. Nicholas - July 16, 2007

I’m updating my N95 now, I hope everything goes well unlike my N80 which after I updated it said “Unable to Perform Bluetooth Operation” when attempted to use the Bluetooth. I hoping nothing goes wrong here as I just bought this phone a couple hours ago for $5000 TT.

2. asimag - July 16, 2007

I updated mine. It is working good. Faster reliable and battery last longer

3. Anand - July 30, 2007

how should i get this new firmware ??? can u let me know the url name pls

4. erum - October 9, 2007

how to download unidic

5. Adel - October 14, 2007

how to download unidic v.2.00

6. mostafa eldesouky - October 24, 2007

how can i download unidic 2.0?
The m m key is not working..what can i do?

7. Al Amin - January 27, 2008

guys, how do u update the firmware via a mac!!!!, please i really need help

8. ayman - February 11, 2008

i want to download unidic version 2 for n81

9. robert ramzy - April 14, 2008

plzzzzzzz if some knew how to download unidic 2.0 for n81 plzzzzzzzzzzz send me at eng_robertramzy@yahoo.com

10. othmane khalil - July 8, 2008

thank you verry mach

11. ahmed moneim - July 14, 2008

thx man

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