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Connect your Nokia with MAC to browse Internet through GPRS August 24, 2007

Posted by asimag in MacBook Pro, N73, N95, N95 8GB, Nokia 6300, Nokia Symbian.

Update: July 2009

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Updated on:  12 Feb 2008

If you are on the road you can connect your Macbook/Pro to Internet with your Nokia Phone.

If you are using Leopard. Then things are quite simple. Just follow Steps:

Leopard: (Tiger users see below)

Make sure GPRS is activated by your carrier.

Step 1:

From the bluetooth menu at the top right hand corner choose Setup Bluetooth Device. Click Continue on Bluetooth Setup Assistant Window. Choose Mobile Phone and Click Continue.

Step 2:

Choose your desired Mobile Phone from the next Window and click Continue.

Step 3:

Pair the phone by entering the exact code displayed on the screen.

Step 4:

Select Both Servcies that is iSync and Internet Access. Click continue.

Step 5:

Just type in your APN (Access Point). You can get this from Phone or call your Operator help line. Don’t change any thing other than APN. Also check/select: ‘Bluetooth status in menu bar’ and ‘Show Modem status in the menu bar’. Click Continue.

Step 6:

Open the Network Settings From System Preference and Select Bluetooth from Left Column

Type *99# in the Telephone Number and Click Connect.

If you using Using Tiger then follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Make sure GPRS is activated by your carrier.

Step 2:

On your phone (Symbian OS), go to

“Tools>Settings>Connection>Packet Data” in Access point enter your APN.

APN differs for every carrier. For

  • Warid Telecom: waird
  • Mobilink postpaid: connect.mobilinkworld.com
  • Mobilink prepaid: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com
  • Ufone: ufone.internet

For example if you are on Ufone then just type ufone.internet in Access Point
Step 3

On your Mac download this “Nokia E61 (Nokme)” script. Unzip it and copy script into “Machintosh HD/Library/Modem Scripts”

On your Mac. Click on Bluetooth Icon at top and choose “Setup Bluetooth Device”. On dialog box click the first two check box (Setup iSync….. & Access the Internet….) and click the second radio button (Use a direct….). Click Continue.

On the next dialog box Enter your username and password. For Warid Connection leave both of them blank.

In GPRS CID… Input box enter *99#

In modem script choose Nokia E61 (Nokme)

Click last two check boxes (Show Bluetooth status…. Show Modem Status….)

To connect with Internet: click on the Telephone icon at the Top and click connect. Thats it.

Reference: Nokme Site



1. Elby - August 24, 2007

Useful tips

2. BearBrother - October 1, 2007

Hi guys!
Have you ever tryed the scripts of Ross Barkman, called Taniwha?
These scripts works on HSDPA, booth with BT and USB (I already downloaded some extra setting to USB from a website)

Ross website is: http://home2.btconnect.com/Taniwha/

3. Jimmy - February 20, 2008

thanks it has worked for me ! I tried to use the scripts from taniwha fist without any success. btw it does work fine on my N73 !!! using your E65 script installed to my macintel computer.


4. Phil Bridges - March 21, 2008

Hi, tried this with a Nokia 6300 and Leopard 10.52, initially does a bluetooth connect and then after 5 secs say it as a modem error. Odd thing is it worked with Tiger. Has to be something silly I’m doing so I’ll have a good google this afternoon and mention it here if I find anything.. thanks for the primer..

5. Mar - May 7, 2008

Have you tried Joiku Spot?

Use your N95 as a wifi router, sharing the connections that already exist. Winner! 🙂

6. ola - May 14, 2008

Hello, I am using Nokia 6230 which is GPRS enabled phone. Please how do i connect it to browse the internet.


7. Imran Ali Jokhio - July 2, 2008

Great work man it all works for me with any mobile phone which has the bluetooth.

8. Roger Claypool - July 19, 2008

I connected my Mac Air one time to the internet with my Nokia 6230 with ATT GPRS. I did not enter any info at all, such a APN or phone #. It connected automatically and instantly. Now the Mac always wants to connect using the phone, not my AirPort, and keeps sending a message “Could not open the internet connection device” when Bluetooth or the phone is off. How do I get rid of this connection, or make it prefer the AirPort or other wireless instead of preferring the GPRS Nokia?

I’ve beat my brains out over this. With the iPhone 3G frenzy going on in the stores I couldn’t get a genius to help. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


9. Imran Ali Jokhio - August 18, 2008

Dear Roger I know its very late reply ……………… go to the network preferences and delete your bluetooth connection which you have made to connect to your phone.

10. jamiu - August 29, 2008

Hello i am jamiu westarica i want to connect my gprs how do i connect it

11. Imran Ali Jokhio - September 24, 2008

Have you followed the above steps ???

12. balokhanhariphal - October 17, 2008


13. noor - June 25, 2009

hi! all of how is go’ng on ur life?

14. asimag - July 11, 2009

Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


15. mohammad - August 7, 2010

Thanks for this post. Do you know how to make it reverse? I mean how to connect my phone to internet through my MacBook Pro?

16. technology and intertainment - December 21, 2010

Very cool, thanks! Had a little hiccup with it, didn’t put the “functions.php” code between the php tags in my file at first.

17. imran - May 6, 2011

thanks bro

18. mahboob - August 19, 2011

i have a mac book pro i could not use my N8 as modem to connect to the internet please help me,


19. Luis - July 24, 2012

This is great i tried it a few months back and i was never able to figure it out til now that i found this article now it all makes sense you explained it very well. Not sure why nokia made it this complicated to use a phone as a modem on a mac its simple once you understand it but for someone who doesn’t know anything about it it may not be all that simple

20. asha - November 22, 2012

please help me that i have a macbook air laptop and i want to use internet by nokia n8 connecting data cable…so please,tell me all proccess or settings for n8 and macbook air…

21. devesh - April 20, 2013

please help me. i have a macbook air, lion operating system. and i have nokia e5 cell. i want to connect internet on macbook with my cell. i have never used any apple product before and i dont have wifi. is it possible to connect? please help me.

22. Mufutau balogun - May 13, 2013

Pls reply me how connect nokia x2 for browing through my laptop

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24. New York Roofers - June 21, 2013

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diokooej urifedeqa.

25. nidhi - March 15, 2014

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