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Nokia Symbian Phone automatically starts Installation when turned on September 16, 2008

Posted by asimag in N73, N95, N95 8GB, Nokia Symbian.

When you turn on your Nokia Phone starts Installation and then gives message that it is unable to complete installation. This message is very annoying and it appears every time you turn on your phone or insert memory card.

Here is the Solution: You need Xplore and Drakkarious Application.

Install Drakkarious on your phone, Drakkarious will install three apps: hellocarbide, CapsON and CapsOFF. Start Hellocarbide and press yes every time this will allow to view inside private FOLDER. Now turn off security by executing CapsOFF application.

Start X-plore and in Tools>Configuration menu turn on show hidden files and System Files options.

Now go to memory card view PRIVATE folder on it. There will be Folder inside with the name 10202DCE. Delete all files inside this folder have names with numbers/character that are meaningless. 

Thats all.



1. momoaal - November 23, 2008

thanks alot …
it works great … with my N82 …

2. Ali Reza - January 16, 2009

smart blog.. why dont u post the urls for the drakkarious and x-plore

3. Ali Reza - January 16, 2009

i tried installing drakkarious says expired certificate i am really sick of the msg

4. Donald - February 11, 2009

Why do you need the Xplore and Drakkarious Applications – just connecting my Nokia N95 to the PC via USB , selecting ‘Data Transfer’, accessing the memory card with explorer and then deleting all the numbered ‘nonsense’ files in the MC\\private\10202DCE folder solved _my_ problem?

5. Khan - July 13, 2009

Thanks bro, it really worked for me. I was tired of it.

Those who face using the method mentioned by the owner follow Donald’s suggestion.

If you don’t see private folder overthere, click Tools>Folder Options>VIEW(TAB)>
You will see Hidden Files and Folders
Choose Show hidden files..

When you’re done with your work. Again follow the above process and choose Do not show hidden files..

6. Ghulam Hussain - May 23, 2011

plz send me automatic email setting for nokia n73 because my set is not support manuall setting thanks

7. Nishanth - February 2, 2012

I get gps service frm idea operaters but it can not suport some java suporting applications of my nokia N73 mobi. Y?

8. Raaj - January 28, 2014


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