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Must have Apps for your iPhone October 15, 2008

Posted by asimag in iPhone.

iPhone sure is a great phone but not without the following Applications. If you have bought new phone, you should go through following:

You can install following Apps on Jailbroken iphone:

  1. SMSd (1.4) BiteSMS (for version 2 and up): to forward messages and to create SMS templates and much more. Best iPhone Application. I rate it among the top five.
  2. BossPrefs: This application is must have to start and stop services such as SSH, Web Server, Safari Download, Bluetooth, Wifi, Autolock, TinyProxy, Share Drive (AFP) etc.
  3. VNsea: If you need to remotely control your home PC or Linux Server. Very fast and good VNC client. I am in love with it.
  4. Sketches: Your kids will love this application. You can also take photo and draw on it.
  5. TinyProxy: If you want to tether iPhone to your mac to use Internet while on the move.
  6. Finder: Browser file system on iphone just like Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. Copy or Move files change permissions, create folders. Finder also works with Preview and TextEdit Apps if you have installed them.
  7. Customize/Categories: Change look and feel of your iphone. Adjust icon locations on home screen. Hide Applications you don’t want to use etc.
  8. Sysinfo: Restart SpringBoard. It just like refresh if you have manually installed any application. Also shows all processes and much more.
  9. VNotes: Your Voice Recorder.
  10. Search: Search any contact. You can also type first few characters of company name and it will find the contact for you.
  11. iSpit: Store documents on your iphone for example, pdf, excel/word etc and view in safari with this light weight web server. You don’t need to connect with edge or Wifi. When you have finished viewing you can stop the server.

Fun and Games:

  1. iSolitaire
  2. 4Balls
  3. iPhysics
  4. ContraSense

Happy iPhoning………



1. fernando - January 26, 2008


2. MUSAB - March 30, 2008

Hi asimag,

how to do it with Windows system

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