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Nokia E71 Firmware 110.07.127 and URDU language Problem December 3, 2008

Posted by asimag in E71, Nokia Symbian, Pakistan, Urdu.

If you live in Pakistan and have recently updated your E71 with new firmware 110.07.127 using Nokia Software Updater then you have fallen a victim of changed Keyboard mapping.

For example (.) period symbol now does not print period(.) it produces (?)question mark, strange!! You will also note that URDU, ARABIC and FARSI language are now replaced with ITALIC, FRENCH etc.

I have looked every where but you can only restore your keyboard language by visiting Nokia Care Center. My advice is not to update to this new firmware.

Closest Solution:

Closest solution I have found to remap my keys to correct ones is to use product code 0566976 instead of 0559577. This code will also restore to phone default language URDU, FARSI and ARABIC, but some keys are still different but you will know where they are.

To change product code you can use NEMESIS or google NOKIA debranding guide.

You can also use Phoenix to change code and upload firmware in one single shot.



1. Blindfiber - December 3, 2008

I just recently upgraded the firmware on my E71 and my languages include English, Indonesian, Melayu and Chinese. However, my key are the same and not misplaced.

Isnt there a way to change the language and at the same time not misplace the keys?


2. asimag - December 3, 2008

What language do you want? You try by changing the product code. You can always revert back to your original product code if keys changes. But remember you can not downgrade your firmware.

3. Saad - January 15, 2009

I’ve actually fallen for the same issue when I upgraded my phone to the new 200.* firmware. I’ve since visited Nokia Care center, and they’re telling me that they’ll give me a new ‘keypad’ which shows the new remapped keys.

But somehow, I am not able to digest that. How’s that going to take care of keys that don’t just work, in this firmware?

4. touf - January 20, 2009

hi, i got the E71 from a friend who lives in dubai so the keyboard is both arabic and english.
I was having problems with the phone so today i got it upgraded, in Germany!
I aksed them to do it in English but now im stuck with a german keypad, so when i press question mark it gives me something else and ofcourse the Ys and Xs are not in place (for english keyboard)
How can i switch it back to english? or am i doomed with a german keypad and now need to get a german pad?

5. Alfares - January 24, 2009

Before eight days ago in Riyadh Saudi Arabia I bought on of NOKIA mobile phones (Model: E71-1 Type: RM 346). in the bottom of the package box the phone specification written in six languages (English/French/Italian or Spanish) and (Arabic and tow languages that used the Arabic letters Urdu? Farsi? and maybe Pashto) If I go to the language options I can chose from three languages, it can show menus and write in (Arabic/English/Français) after upgrading the (Nokia PC Suite) to the latest version from NOKIA web site. I upgrade the firmware from version 110.07.127 to 200.21.118 without any problems, it toke abut 1h 14min to download the (103.5 megabyte) firmware upgrade, in my case there is no misplaced characters before or after the upgrade.
My problem was in the communication between the mobile phone and the PC using the Bluetooth I think it was from the USB dongle that I used to communicate with the phone. is there a special USB devise that is used with NOKIA phones? I do not know.

one - July 27, 2009

brother Alfares what is your E71-1 product code? please send it to my email one_msia@yahoo.com Shukran

6. Blinfiber - February 10, 2009

I want urdu. Can you the tell me the process of installing urdu?

7. Urdu Lovers - February 24, 2009

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8. reihab - March 14, 2009

hello please it’s very urgent please
i need a code for my silver white nokia e71 in three languages arabic, french and english, i really can’t find one and I’m afraid to lose the phone by entering a wrong code.. please help

9. MDZZ - March 16, 2009

Well new firmware is now available for the Arabic version of e71,So those whose keyboard is changed can now update it to its old self.

10. Xman - March 17, 2009

plz I need a help?
My phone E71-1 can’t shows arabic words plz what I have to do fix this proBlem
Reply me asap

11. syed jawad - March 29, 2009

aslama0alaikum i was using my nokia n76 that was working very nicely unless i saw an upgrade option from pc suit i got some thing greedy inside me that i upgrade it and now language support files are missing to 1 unknown format language 1, is english and 1 is automatic
i can not read messege dat comes to me in urdu or arabic plez help but before upgrading it was working very nicely 0550248 is the code plez reply i m very worrying :s about it

12. Ronny - April 12, 2009

I had a problem with my Nokia E71. I bought from Pakistan. But the shopkeeper gave me Brazilian set. After few months there was a sudden error “SIM CARD NOT VALID” i gave for repair and they installed the latest version firmware 200.21.118. The phone is back to normal functions, but SIGNAL STRENGTH is too weak. Almost NO BAR. And the battery is also week. My phone code is 0570048. And nokia site says, latest firmware is 100.07.76. Please inform what to do.

13. joe - April 22, 2009

can someone tell me how to hack 110.07.127 nokia e71 pls this is my email

14. Humayun - May 12, 2009

Can anybody please confirm whether Urdu keyboard is working correctly in firmware 210.21.006 on E71 code 0559577. I went to Nokia care centre in Islamabad. They had only firmware 101.07.79 with some Urdu ring tones. I want to upgrade to 210 but afraid of losing Urdu keyboard

15. dragonbleu6860 - June 25, 2009

i bought back a E71 from australia, it’s 3 network phone. when i put in my malaysia simcard, it shows “Sim Card Not Valid”, anyone can teach how to overcome this prob.

Thank you

16. Najwa - September 29, 2009

hi, i got an E71 from a friend in China, the firmware is 100.21.108 and RM 493 i changed the product code with NSS but it didnt work. when i update my device software it says there is no update for my device! what should i do? i want to use LAN in my E71!


17. dr alaadin - December 3, 2009

i got nokia e 71 from india .i want to instul arabic language, iwent to nokia center but thy say thy cant do it,so what to do?

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19. a7mad3bdullah - August 20, 2010

It works like a charm !!! 😀

Thanks again dude

20. Mercede - February 22, 2011

Somebody please help. I have Nokia E71 mobile set and last night when i was traveling its battery exhausted as I hadn’t have time to charge. But when i arrived home and charged it for 3-4 hours nothing happened. It is dead as before. I let it charge whole night and still nothing. I don’t know what has happened suddenly.

is there any Nokia care center in “ISLAMABAD” where i can take my device and get it checked and possibly repaired if needed?

21. afzal - November 26, 2011


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