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AVCHD Player for Mac (.mts, .m2ts) OS X Leopard January 31, 2009

Posted by asimag in AVCHD, MacBook Pro, OS X Leopard, Sony HDR-CX7.
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The latest version of VLC .92 can play mts files natively on you mac. Visit my other post on How to Play / Convert AVCHD files on your mac using Toast.

IMP: You need to have iLife’08 installed in order to play .mts files using VLC.

AVCHDly yours, Enjoy Great HD Videos from your SONY or PANASONIC AVCHD Recorders!!!!!!



1. josh - April 25, 2008

Hmm, unfortunately the nightly that I tried plays the audio but shows no video. Perhaps you can elaborate on which nightly, or where you read this information.

I tried the nightly’s from 20080423.

2. asimag - April 25, 2008

I used nightly from 20080419. It plays AVCHD perfectly with video and audio. BTW I have tried 20080423 nightly and it also plays AVCHD .mts files very well. May be you need to install iMovie’08 or FCP Studio 2.0 as they support AVCHD.

3. Iba - April 30, 2008

Hi I tried them all, and i only have video, no sound. Very unfortunate. What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance,

4. Ugis - May 27, 2008

Hi! I accidentally recognized that Toast Video Player can play these mt2s videos

5. maenele - June 1, 2008

Thank’s a lot for your advises. I recently bougth a videocam sony hdr-sr11,, was unable to read the videos on my mac. I download the 20080423, it works well;
Sorry for the mistakes in English, I’m french ! English,

6. regi - June 5, 2008

Josh, 20080423 works, really. As 20080425 also works for both video and sound. Other versions are not woring for wound in my MacBook Air. Also, the image stops everytime in the MacBook air.

7. Viewing AVCHD on a Mac « Bassheadtech.com - June 23, 2008

[…] Quicktime doesn’t recognise the files, and VLC tries to play a few seconds then crashes. This post says some of the VLC nightly builds will play the video, so I downloaded several that were […]

8. James - July 6, 2008

I’m using Sony TG1E. Both 20080423 and 20080425 are working fine in HD-HQ, HD-SP, HD-LP but it keep jumping when playing HD-FH format…..

9. Andy - July 8, 2008

20080708 plays .mts video but not sound. Clip plays smoothly in SP but jerky in FXP/60i. I have Canon HF10, OS 10.5.4. Anybody know if a build exists that works for A/V on my config?

10. Aaron - July 11, 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to download the memory stick with HD AVCHD footage shot w/ sony HDR – TG1. I want to dump my card onto harddrive and be able to play it or convert it from the Hard drive at a later time. Does anybody know if this is possible, because all the files are grey when I try to import them into I movie 08?

Thanks for your time

11. Andy - July 11, 2008

I have the same problem Aaron but with an HF10 and .mts files. I posted this here and got a response but it doesn’t work. Maybe it will work for you?


12. TR - September 4, 2008

HF100 files (I believe should be identical to HF10) plays smoothly with “latest” nightly build (last modified date – 30th August). Now if only iMovie will be updated to edit/splice them!

13. James - December 26, 2008

Nice, but how can you edit them natively in Final Cut Pro

14. asimag - July 11, 2009

Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


15. lol - October 10, 2009

“on you”?

Stupid illiterate fuck… “ON YOUR”.

16. peter phone - February 28, 2014


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