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iPhone Message Forward App: iRealSMS, BiteSMS, QuickSMS March 3, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone.

Update: July 2009

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Edited 3 March 2009:

iRealSMS is good application for texting and it also support landscape, You can also forward message using this app.

Another application for forwarding message is BiteSMS. You need to select carrier in its settings. Install it using Cydia Installer on jailbroken phone.



1. hassna - December 3, 2007


2. asimag - December 3, 2007

If it does not work. Open the Notes Application once after installing this app. Then it should work.

3. Ankit - January 17, 2008

how to download from installer???
what is this installer???
can sum1 explain in detail??
mail at ankitj2004@gmail.com

4. Barbie - April 7, 2008

sm1 explain more detail,please!!

5. Kurmis - April 15, 2008


6. Fridge - April 21, 2008

This application requires that your iPhone be unlocked and have the Installer application present on it (Search for ZiPhone’s blog for an easy way to do this in windows)

I can verify that once installed, it does indeed allow forwarding of text messages, as well as deletion of individual messages, a more detailed call log and the option to paste contact phone numbers into a message. It does not replace your normal sms application, it is a standalone component.

The only downside I can see is that it isn’t synced with your contacts correctly, so rather than displaying a name in your call logs/messages, it displays the phone number. Minor irritation for an application that adds something the iPhone is drastically in need of.

7. flo - May 20, 2008

thanks the application really works, it saves me a lot of headaches especially my marriage.
apple should pay for this for having such a limited minded professionals (yeah right!)

8. Yohan - June 12, 2008

how do i downloadthis app as it is not a hyperlink

9. sheron - June 19, 2008

even opening and closing the notes application, we tools only opens and then closes again – what shall I do.

To yohan – look at your phone there is an icon labelled installer. Make sure you have inet connection tap on the installer icon. When it has loaded tap on install and then go to all packages, scroll down to we tools bla bla – hope it works for you.
I did have isms and downloaded it works, but i have noticed it has now disappeared from the packages list.

10. matt berrssford - July 5, 2008

I have installed WeTool, and it will forward text messages! But if I get a really long text it will only forward 1/3 of it, it will save the full message to notes but you can only email from there. Any suggestions

11. Junaid - July 20, 2008

WeTool application i installed displays a blank screen for a few seconds and then goes back to the main screen 😦

12. Bhasky - September 9, 2008

Can I install this on my iphone 3G?

13. kooonin - September 11, 2008

wow! thanks for this info.. I hope it will work with my 3G phone from globe.

14. enthusiast - September 11, 2008

yeah i hope it will work on mine too.

15. I.Ahmad - October 14, 2008
16. Foha - October 14, 2008

this site doesnt open!!!!

17. RYAN - November 25, 2008

why is message forwarding not a standard feature on the iphone? You cant do any harm or rip people off with it can you?????

18. Billy - March 2, 2009

Can you only forward single messages or does it allow the person to just check multiple messages and forward them all at once?

19. Billy - March 2, 2009

Can you only forward one message or does it allow the user to just check off all the messages they want to forward and then send it all at once?

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