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iPhone 3g March 2009 New Must Have Apps March 12, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone.

Ok, You have got new iphone and jailbreak it. Now what to do?

Worry not I will give you a piece of advice:

Install the following App through Cydia:


For Very demanding SMS needs, Has everything built into, I can write a page about its functions.


For Multimedia Messaging

MewSeek Pro

For downloading music from the internet and then importing it into iphone music library with out the need of computer or itunes


For controlling iphone Services


Transfer music, pictures or any file using iphone Bluetooth to any other Mobile or Computer


To Block Ads in Safari. This will save your bandwidth and web pages will load faster. You can turn it on /off


For copy and paste functionality for iphone. New version also allows you to copy text from web pages or static controls


A player which provides all the functionality of ipod


Winterboard is excellent replacement of Springboard and it will allow to change anything on iphone GUI for examples Themes, Scroll Bars etc.


Excellent Wifi Router, provides you Internet access on your computer



1. backupdvdmac - January 6, 2010

Why not make a customed Ringtone for your iPhone from your favourite music.
Just follow this guide to finish this work:
How to make iphone ringtone on mac

2. Carlos - January 31, 2010

You don’t need to edit/add ringtones from your Mac or PC anymore. Simply download iRingtones from Cydia (if you are jailbroken) and the app will explain itself. I myself have downloaded many ringtones directly from this app. Click my name if you need help, to add me on facebook and you can also email me at thad4rkone@hotmail.com

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