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iPhone 3g, OS 3.0 and Pakistan July 7, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone, OS 3.0, Pakistan.

If you have recently upgraded your iphone 3G to OS 3.0 and you live in Pakistan then here are the steps to follow to get most our of your iPhone:

1. Jailbreak your phone by using RedSn0w and then unlock your iphone using Ultrasn0w Software from DevTeam. Apple has not launched iphone in Pakistan so we don’t have any other option…Sorry Apple!

2. Turn on your MMS & tethering. To turn on Tethering visit here and select custom carrier, I use wardtel So APN would be warid. yours differ. Check your mail from iphone and download the file which is send by the site and click install. You will then see Tethering option available in Settings->General->Network

3. To enable MMS simple put the MMS settings in Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network.

4. Caller ID Fix, You will notice that some of SMS does not have names, To fix this go into the Cydia and download CallerID and Format (iSpazio) Fix for OS 3.0.

5. More Later…….



1. Azhar - July 14, 2009

Thanks for your valuable tips. I’m having an issue with the Caller ID & Format Fix for 3.0 application. The issue is that all fixed line numbers in Karachi & Lahore now have a ‘3’ added before them so we now have 8-digit numbers in these 2 cities. This won’t show properly when i get calls from my addressbook numbers which are stored as ” +92 (21) ###-#### in the old format & when i add a three before it, the format is lost and it still does not show up in caller id.

The fact is all mobile nos also actually have just 2 area codes because the last digit of the mobile code has been added to the mobile no. This way all mobile nos & khi landlines are the same: +92 (##) ####-####. This is important because it won’t work without affecting the mobile format as well because they both actually have the same no. of digits with the new 8 digit fixed line no. This was not a problem previously. But now is!

How do we solve this problem?

2. Azhar - July 14, 2009

This is a real noob question, but even after putting in my mms settings i can’t seem to make it work. How exactly do you send an mms? I can’t see any indication or button in my ‘messages’ !!??

3. asimag - July 15, 2009

Visit my new Blog at http://macandmobile.blogspot.com/

I will not be replying on this blog.

I will also be disabling comments on this Blog.


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