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Updated 17 March 2010: Moved to New Blog, www.NextWorldMobile.com

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Thank You.

Let me introduce myself. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. My Life is around my gadgets. I love exploring new technologies. I shifted recently from Windows to Mac. Believe me New Intel Macs are so powerful and enjoyable.

Beside Macs I love to have Smart Phones. I now have Nokia N95. The site will share my explorations.

I will post new technology availability and its pricing in Lahore, Pakistan.

Last but not least I love good food. So watch my post about tasty food availability in and around Lahore.




1. kashif - June 7, 2007

i like your site its cantain every thing that we need but the price are in rupies will you tell me is this site from pakistan so we can oder the thing on this site or u can dliver in uk whatever ask to you.

thainks for reading my comments

2. asimag - June 7, 2007

Thank for your comments. Presently I don’t not sell. But certainly I can provide you with all of the information. Yes this site is from Lahore, Pakistan.

3. Vince Moor - August 13, 2007


Recently we have started our Symbian Review blog where we present mainly Symbian software comparisons (www.symbian-review.com).

We became interested in your blog, as you also pay much attention to Symbian Software. That is why we would like to place a link to your blog on our website. Would it be also interesting for you to link to our blog?

If you get interested in my suggestion please write us at info@symbian-review.com address.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best Wishes,
Vince Moor


4. Yawar - August 29, 2007

Where can I find apple hardware in Lahore? There were a couple of shops in Karachi but i’m new to lahore and need some guidance.

5. asimag - August 30, 2007

You can get hardware from PAK MAC LINKS. Dealers of Apple Products
Ph#: 03219430243

6. SymbianGuru - September 3, 2007


SymbianGuru has released new version of its profile scheduler software. Maybe it will be interesting for you to review this application or to write about it. In any case, if you are interested please let us know the IMEi of your S60.3 device and we will be glad to generate a test license for you.

Looking forward to your interest and your post.

Best Wishes,

SymbianGuru Team

7. Anjum Ashraf - September 20, 2007

Aslamoalicom Friends I am a mac user since 1998, I love my mac i am using G5 2 giga with 20″ LCD work fine for my prepress works.
i have i lil question for you too all any one using any kind of urdu software on mac, thankz.

8. asimag - September 20, 2007

look at my recent post about urdu on mac.

9. bibomedia - February 28, 2008

Have a nice day !

10. OL - February 28, 2008

hii…the phone number template of iphone that u have written doesnt work in 1.1.3…can v get an update plzz…thankss

11. schubi - May 25, 2008

Hi Asim,

First of all nice Blog name. 🙂
A friend of mine and I started also a blog called “mac-and-mobile” ^^
Our blog is German, but it would be great if we can link each other.

This could be a little Pakistanian – German Joint Venture. *g*


12. Danial - July 24, 2008

Hi Asim,

I see that you are a Mac addict too and write your own blog well I think we can work together I write reviews about nokia and apple stuff too so I think we do that together if you are interested that is.

13. asimag - July 25, 2008

Sure Danial,

We can work together, I always believe in serving the community. You can use my Blog to write with your name on it. But please don’t copy stuff from other sites. Send me review I will post, later on I will create an account for you.

14. Ali - August 12, 2008

Could you please let me know how to install urdu fonts and other iPhone nice application?

15. miha - September 18, 2008


Can you PLEASE send for me instructions how to change display settings on Need for Speed Carbon. Problem is that after 10.5.5 upgrade games starts but screen goes to blank. So I need instructions what keyboard buttons to press on correct order to change screen settings.



Please send BBC URDU news on my mobile No 03146254220



17. sham - June 30, 2011

i really loved ur site, dont u earn from it, no adz or else? Why

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