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iPhone Files (AppStore) and iFile (Cydia) Complete File Browser and Viewer April 22, 2009

Posted by asimag in Files, iFile, iPhone.

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I have tested various viewers for iphone including Air Sharing, Mobile Studio, Riddle Documents, Picture Safe etc.

I found the best Viewer and File Browser is “Files” which is available at App Store. You can Swap pictures as in built in Photos Application for iphone, create your own folders to arrange your documents and picture and can easily transfer file from your PC or Mac. You can even set password.

The Cydia app iFile is replacement for Finder or Windows Explorer on your iPhone. You can copy/move files to anywhere. You can set owner permission. iFile also allow you to transfer files through its Web Server also. With iFile you can create new Folders or Symbolic link. I have created a Symbolic link in Documents folder to my Files Documents, so that now I can easily copy files to Files Application or vice versa using iFile.

Best part is iFiles also allow you to send multiple email attachments using built in iPhone mail client and it is FREEEEEE.

iFile is exceptional Browser will all abilites which Files is best viewer, although iFile also allows you to view documents or play videos but Files Picture swap feature is hard to beat.

iFile also allows to create Zip archive. I now use iFile instead of MobileFinder. iFile also allow you to copy marked files or folders.