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iPhone 3g, OS 3.0 and Pakistan July 7, 2009

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If you have recently upgraded your iphone 3G to OS 3.0 and you live in Pakistan then here are the steps to follow to get most our of your iPhone:

1. Jailbreak your phone by using RedSn0w and then unlock your iphone using Ultrasn0w Software from DevTeam. Apple has not launched iphone in Pakistan so we don’t have any other option…Sorry Apple!

2. Turn on your MMS & tethering. To turn on Tethering visit here and select custom carrier, I use wardtel So APN would be warid. yours differ. Check your mail from iphone and download the file which is send by the site and click install. You will then see Tethering option available in Settings->General->Network

3. To enable MMS simple put the MMS settings in Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network.

4. Caller ID Fix, You will notice that some of SMS does not have names, To fix this go into the Cydia and download CallerID and Format (iSpazio) Fix for OS 3.0.

5. More Later…….


My Top Daily Useful Apps for iPhone April 22, 2009

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My iPhone is getting better and better everyday, thanks to developers who are delivering such a nice Apps, Here is most used Apps on my iPhone:


If you ever used Mac, then you will be quite familiar with QuickSilver. Just type few letters and this App instantly find Application, Browser Bookmarks, SMS, Emails and Contacts. You don’t need to shuffle screen on iphone and look for your Application. It has very small footprint and it does not run in background that is it does not consume Battery.


One of my favourite App, Just swipe your finger on Top status bar and your Toggles Pops up on your screen, where you can turn ON/OFF ssh, 3g, bluetooth, WiFi etc. You can also adjust brightness. I have also downloaded AutoLock and Process Plugin for Sbsettings, which allows you kill background processes if running.


A Fast and new replacement for Cydia. Although some bugs but it updates quite frequently.

iPhone Files (AppStore) and iFile (Cydia) Complete File Browser and Viewer April 22, 2009

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You can also visit my new Blog www.nextworldmobile.com (Android – Nexus Users)

I have tested various viewers for iphone including Air Sharing, Mobile Studio, Riddle Documents, Picture Safe etc.

I found the best Viewer and File Browser is “Files” which is available at App Store. You can Swap pictures as in built in Photos Application for iphone, create your own folders to arrange your documents and picture and can easily transfer file from your PC or Mac. You can even set password.

The Cydia app iFile is replacement for Finder or Windows Explorer on your iPhone. You can copy/move files to anywhere. You can set owner permission. iFile also allow you to transfer files through its Web Server also. With iFile you can create new Folders or Symbolic link. I have created a Symbolic link in Documents folder to my Files Documents, so that now I can easily copy files to Files Application or vice versa using iFile.

Best part is iFiles also allow you to send multiple email attachments using built in iPhone mail client and it is FREEEEEE.

iFile is exceptional Browser will all abilites which Files is best viewer, although iFile also allows you to view documents or play videos but Files Picture swap feature is hard to beat.

iFile also allows to create Zip archive. I now use iFile instead of MobileFinder. iFile also allow you to copy marked files or folders.

iPhone 3g March 2009 New Must Have Apps March 12, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone.

Ok, You have got new iphone and jailbreak it. Now what to do?

Worry not I will give you a piece of advice:

Install the following App through Cydia:


For Very demanding SMS needs, Has everything built into, I can write a page about its functions.


For Multimedia Messaging

MewSeek Pro

For downloading music from the internet and then importing it into iphone music library with out the need of computer or itunes


For controlling iphone Services


Transfer music, pictures or any file using iphone Bluetooth to any other Mobile or Computer


To Block Ads in Safari. This will save your bandwidth and web pages will load faster. You can turn it on /off


For copy and paste functionality for iphone. New version also allows you to copy text from web pages or static controls


A player which provides all the functionality of ipod


Winterboard is excellent replacement of Springboard and it will allow to change anything on iphone GUI for examples Themes, Scroll Bars etc.


Excellent Wifi Router, provides you Internet access on your computer

iPhone Message Forward App: iRealSMS, BiteSMS, QuickSMS March 3, 2009

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Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


Edited 3 March 2009:

iRealSMS is good application for texting and it also support landscape, You can also forward message using this app.

Another application for forwarding message is BiteSMS. You need to select carrier in its settings. Install it using Cydia Installer on jailbroken phone.

Must have Apps for your iPhone October 15, 2008

Posted by asimag in iPhone.

iPhone sure is a great phone but not without the following Applications. If you have bought new phone, you should go through following:

You can install following Apps on Jailbroken iphone:

  1. SMSd (1.4) BiteSMS (for version 2 and up): to forward messages and to create SMS templates and much more. Best iPhone Application. I rate it among the top five.
  2. BossPrefs: This application is must have to start and stop services such as SSH, Web Server, Safari Download, Bluetooth, Wifi, Autolock, TinyProxy, Share Drive (AFP) etc.
  3. VNsea: If you need to remotely control your home PC or Linux Server. Very fast and good VNC client. I am in love with it.
  4. Sketches: Your kids will love this application. You can also take photo and draw on it.
  5. TinyProxy: If you want to tether iPhone to your mac to use Internet while on the move.
  6. Finder: Browser file system on iphone just like Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. Copy or Move files change permissions, create folders. Finder also works with Preview and TextEdit Apps if you have installed them.
  7. Customize/Categories: Change look and feel of your iphone. Adjust icon locations on home screen. Hide Applications you don’t want to use etc.
  8. Sysinfo: Restart SpringBoard. It just like refresh if you have manually installed any application. Also shows all processes and much more.
  9. VNotes: Your Voice Recorder.
  10. Search: Search any contact. You can also type first few characters of company name and it will find the contact for you.
  11. iSpit: Store documents on your iphone for example, pdf, excel/word etc and view in safari with this light weight web server. You don’t need to connect with edge or Wifi. When you have finished viewing you can stop the server.

Fun and Games:

  1. iSolitaire
  2. 4Balls
  3. iPhysics
  4. ContraSense

Happy iPhoning………

Back to Nokia N95 8GB From iPhone February 8, 2008

Posted by asimag in iPhone, N95, N95 8GB.

After using iphone for four months I am back to Nokia. I have purchased N95 8GB. I missed following features on iPhone:

  1. Bluetooth send and receive of files
  2. DVD like video Recording
  3. 5 MegaPixel Camera
  4. Internal GPS and Nokia excellent Sports Tracker Application
  5. Bluetooth A2DP Profile (Stereo)
  6. Copy and Paste (Major Bummer)
  7. I can view http://www.bbcurdu.com (Not possible on iphone)
  8. I can stream into realplayer
  9. I can now use blacklist program
  10. Voice Recoder which records telephone calls too.
  11. Caller Name Playback when you receive call (Excellent Feature! Without picking the phone I know who is calling me)
  12. Voice Activated Calling ( Simply Speak; the phone will identify the contact and call)
  13. Picture Slide show (Pan and Zoom) with Music (Why iphone does not have this feature)
  14. Picture Editor
  15. Easy transfer of Pictures and Songs (Not through complicated iTunes)
  16. and finally lots n lots of good software and 3D games!!!

I hate Apple Closed Policy for iphone. Why don’t they open iphone as Nokia? Why are they playing hide and seek game and releasing firmware every four months?

The only feature I miss on Iphone while using Nokia is iphone Email Client and its attachment viewing and of course virtual keyboard.

iPhone Native Arabic Support/Keyboard with SMS Released November 30, 2007

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I am surprised to see lot of application for iPhone are released everyday. First there was Mobile Quran with Audio and now full Arabic Support.

Arabic Support includes Arabic Font, Arabic Keyboard, and Arabic SMS. To install Support you need to add source “apps.iphoneislam.com” in installer.

Install the following from installer:

1. Mobile Enhancer

2. Arabic Font

3. Arabic iKeyboard

4. Fix Arabic SMS

Upgrade Your iPhone to 1.1.2 with Pakistan AppSupport November 22, 2007

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I have been using this great phone in Pakistan with no problem. Recently I updated it to 1.1.2. Following is Very Short Guide:

1. First Upgrade (Alt+Click RESTORE) your Phone firmware to 1.1.2

2. Downgrade (Alt+Click Restore) Firmware to 1.0.2

3. Jailbreak and Activiate 1.0.2, Install SSH (Hint: Use Independence 3 beta 2)

4. Install Installer, AnySim1.2.1u and BSD SubSystem

5. Run AnySim (Make sure your rename AnySim1.2.1 folder to AnySim)

6. Instal OktoPrep from Installer.app

7. Upgrade (DO NOT RESTORE) to 1.1.2

8. Download Jailbreak 1.1.2 and run jailbreak.jar (click install ssh also)

9. Run iWorld from Installer Select your Country

10. Download AppSupport for Pakistan below, extract AppSupport to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ and overwrite the original.


11. To have Pakistan as a country in your iPhone Address Book while adding contacts download the two Pakistan Country files and copy them into


overwriting the original ones. Reboot your iPhone and enjoy.

There are excellent guides available at Hackint0sh.

iPhone in Pakistan November 12, 2007

Posted by asimag in iPhone, Pakistan.

Purchased iphone (Locked and sealed) from Hafeez Center. I wanted to try unlocking it myself. I searched on the net for unlocking solutions available but they were all outdated or lengthy. First I tried to unlock it with independence 1.3 beta2. Although the process was quite lengthy but I successfully upgraded to firmware 1.1.1 and unlocked it.

Today I tried to lock another iphone but this time used TIF exploit and in just under minute I have unlocked iphone. VisitĀ www.jailbreakme.comĀ to unlock your iphone. Start from “Accessing Safari from Locked phone” link at the bottom.