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AVCHD Player for Mac (.mts, .m2ts) OS X Leopard January 31, 2009

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This Blog is discontinued. PLEASE VISIT MY NEW BLOG for updated TIPs, Instructions: http://macandmobile.blogspot.com

The latest version of VLC .92 can play mts files natively on you mac. Visit my other post on How to Play / Convert AVCHD files on your mac using Toast.

IMP: You need to have iLife’08 installed in order to play .mts files using VLC.

AVCHDly yours, Enjoy Great HD Videos from your SONY or PANASONIC AVCHD Recorders!!!!!!


How to Play AVCHD files on Mac OS X January 31, 2009

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To play your AVCHD movie files (.mts, .m2ts) you can use one of the following options:

VLC Player (FREE)

Download VLC Player from http://www.videolan.com and start playing your AVCHD movies. You may required iLife 08 or 09 for playback.

Toast 9 or 10

Toast Player which is included with Toast 9 or 10 can play AVCHD files beautifully. Another advantage of Toast is fast conversion of .mts and .m2ts files to any other format you like.

Updated: 31 Jan 2009

Using Nokia Phone as a Modem to Browser Internet with Mac OS X Leopard (tethering) October 7, 2008

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Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


With Leopard My Nokia E71 and N95 some times tether correctly and often it does not work. It Connects and then suddenly Disconnects. The status in top bar continue to display Disconnecting…. until I boot it.

In the event of emergency when I wanted to connect my Mac OS X (Leopard) with Nokia to browser internet or check my emails, it often does not work.

So here is the simple solution:

As Leopard Default Nokia 3G/GPRS script does not work for me. It has problems. You need to download Ross Barkman’s Script from his site. Just scroll down to Nokia Section and download Nokia 3G (EDGE/UMTS) Script or click this link to download. Copy the script whole folder into your RootDrive>>Library>>Modem Scripts Folder.

Just pair you Nokia as usually you do from Bluetooth Icon in the top. Follow the instructions in Wizard and check both isync and use as a modem checkboxes.

When wizard finishes goto System Preferences>> Network >> Bluetooth (Select from Left).

Click on Advance. Click on Modem and then Select Vendor as Other.

In Model Select Nokia 3G CID1 script

Dial Mode should be Ignore Dial tone when dialing

Leave the all other settings as it is. Click OK to return to previous screen.

In telephone type your APN. I use warid. Also remember to put APN in your mobile Phone (Tools>>Settings>>Connection>>Packetdata>>Accesspoint). You can also check this site for Access Point Name.

Also check “show modem status in menu bar” and click apply.

Now you can connect with your mobile internet by clicking on telephone icon on top. No more problems for me.

VLC 0.9.2 and Toast 9 plays AVCHD smoothly on Mac September 25, 2008

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Yes, the latest release of VLC player and Toast 9.2 can play AVCHD footage quite smoothly, even full HD resolution. It can also de-interlace while playing. You may require core2duo computer. I have not tested it on other cpu’s.

If you need to convert AVCHD format to any other format like quicktime intermediate codec or Apples new proRes codec you can do so in Toast. The amazing part is that toast can convert real fast as compared to Voltac stand alone converter. In results toast is at least 50x faster than Voltac converter on Intel Macs.

Happy viewing.

Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update increases Graphics Performance September 16, 2008

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Today I installed latest OS X Leopard update 10.5.5 and guess what my cider games and avchd playback performance increased substantially.

I have ATI X1600 graphics card in my macbook pro and Need for speed Carbon performed quite well with this update. Also new Video LAN VLC player plays AVCHD files (.mts, .ts, .m2ts) files flawlessly even De-interlacing turned on. Toast Video Player also plays these HD file formats very smooth now.

Thanks Apple for this performance boost in this new update.

Macbook Pro Fan Noise Fix July 13, 2008

Posted by asimag in MacBook Pro.

Updated: 31 July 2008

OK I got it fixed. Just follow the ifixit.com guide to remove fan. Then pick your pliers insert it in between the hole on top and just apply little tension upwards. Thats it. You may hear a noise initially 2 three times then it goes away.

I have edited my old post.

After year of use of Macbook Pro the left fan started to giving noise. It was cranking noise as fan was hitting with some thing. Very annoying in a quiet environment. The fan noise became louder and louder. As my Macbook Pro was without warranty so I decided to fix it myself. I opened my Macbook using the guide at http://www.ifixit.com.

Happy Engineering

Edit Unwanted Scenes in your Movies All for FREE (Video Cutter) June 17, 2008

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You can edit your videos any format .avi, .mov etc using Quick Time on your Mac. Just open your movie in Quick Time Player. In the timeline below you will see two small brackets. Drag them to start and end position of your cut scene and then Choose Edit->Delete from Menu. After editing your movie save it and voila in minutes you have your edited Movie.


How to Resolve sense key = MEDIUM ERROR on MacBook Pro April 8, 2008

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Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

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Thank you


After 9 months of purchasing my MacBook Pro I was faced with Error while burning my CDs. Toast reported sense keyMEDIUM ERROR and eject CD. I google the error and was surprised to see so many users are having this error. Some were blaming to cheap CDs while others recommended to repair permissions or re-install OS.

I continue to face error on some cds while some burn fine. I concluded that it may be defective cds but when I used same cd on my external writer they burn fine. On 12 months my burner finally gave up and now it was not burning any type of CD/DVD.

I went to shop purchased Philips CD Cleaner which had two brushed on it. Inserted it into my dvd drive. Instructions played to choose track no. 14 for cleaning. I did as instructed and WOW my dvd burner was functional. I have burnt quite a few CD with no problem at all.

Firefox Intel Optimized version with Aqua Interface September 25, 2007

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You can get/download latest Firefox browser which is optimized for your macbooks. Yes it uses Aqua Interface and looks good.

Download from here: http://www.beatnikpad.com/archives/2007/09/19/firefox-2007

Creating Urdu Documents in Mac September 20, 2007

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You can create Urdu Documents, Spreadsheets, Database on your mac.

Solution 1:

Use built in International Preference Panel to enable Urdu. Goto this site for instruction on enabling Urdu Keyboard on your mac. Using this solution you can type urdu in any mac application by using Urdu Keyboard (Pakistan Flag) from top menu bar.

Solution 2:

You will need following software:

Parallels (Windows XP), InPage 2.4

Launch Parallels Desktop on your mac and inside it launch InPage Pro. Create Urdu Document in InPage.

Export Document created in InPage in .eps format using Export Menu

Drag file create in Windows to Mac Desktop.Open the dragged file and Preview Application will automatically open .eps document.

You can also edit or use .eps document in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You can even cut and paste specific text from Preview Application to Adobe.

The advantage of this solution is that .eps files are scalable and can be edited or sized to any dimensions. Moreover you get Natural Nastaliqe Font and have a choice of different fonts which are offered by InPage Program.

In my opinion mac is way better in handling .eps files.