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Symbian OS 9 newFirmware Hack – Installing Unsigned Applications March 3, 2009

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Nokia phones (Symbian) can now be jailbreak/Hacked again. Recently all new firmware updates released by Nokia can not be cracked that is you can not install unsigned Application nor you can access its sys folder.

With the release of HelloOX the Hacking app you can now easily install unsigned applications even on new firmwares.


Nokia E71 Firmware 110.07.127 and URDU language Problem December 3, 2008

Posted by asimag in E71, Nokia Symbian, Pakistan, Urdu.

If you live in Pakistan and have recently updated your E71 with new firmware 110.07.127 using Nokia Software Updater then you have fallen a victim of changed Keyboard mapping.

For example (.) period symbol now does not print period(.) it produces (?)question mark, strange!! You will also note that URDU, ARABIC and FARSI language are now replaced with ITALIC, FRENCH etc.

I have looked every where but you can only restore your keyboard language by visiting Nokia Care Center. My advice is not to update to this new firmware.

Closest Solution:

Closest solution I have found to remap my keys to correct ones is to use product code 0566976 instead of 0559577. This code will also restore to phone default language URDU, FARSI and ARABIC, but some keys are still different but you will know where they are.

To change product code you can use NEMESIS or google NOKIA debranding guide.

You can also use Phoenix to change code and upload firmware in one single shot.

Quick Shortcuts Keyboard Tips Nokia E71 October 30, 2008

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1. To turn bluetooth ON / OFF from keyboard Long Press *

2. To switch Profile from General to Silent and vice versa Long Press #

3. While doing a contact search in standby mode number keys don’t display corresponding letter, to have them display correct letters tap the function key once before typing anything.

4. To change writing language or turn OFF/ON predictive text input press function key + spacebar

5. Long press of 0 activates web browser, second press leads to browser bookmarks

6. To mark/select multiple item press SHIFT and press DOWN on Navi button

7. To mark/select single item press SHIFT and CENTER button inside Navi button

8. To turn ON/OFF numeric keypad press FUNCTION twice.

9. Pressing RETURN(ENTER) on standby application icon shortcut will open them.

10. When in lock mode hit CENTER Navi button to display large time

11. to copy marked/selected text press FUNCTION+CTRL+C to paste press FUNC+CTRL+V

12. To move a page up or down press FUNC+CTRL+Navi UP/DOWN. Remember pressing FUNC 2 times makes it as a sticky

13. Pressing Shift + Backspace = delete letters after cursor

14. Hold down left soft key to read out new text messages.

15. Shift+Chr jumps directly to language selection.

Using Nokia Phone as a Modem to Browser Internet with Mac OS X Leopard (tethering) October 7, 2008

Posted by asimag in E71, MacBook Pro, N73, N95, N95 8GB, Nokia Symbian, OS X Leopard.

Update: July 2009

I have moved this Blog to new Address:

Please post comments on new Blog. I will disable further comments on this blog.

Thank you


With Leopard My Nokia E71 and N95 some times tether correctly and often it does not work. It Connects and then suddenly Disconnects. The status in top bar continue to display Disconnecting…. until I boot it.

In the event of emergency when I wanted to connect my Mac OS X (Leopard) with Nokia to browser internet or check my emails, it often does not work.

So here is the simple solution:

As Leopard Default Nokia 3G/GPRS script does not work for me. It has problems. You need to download Ross Barkman’s Script from his site. Just scroll down to Nokia Section and download Nokia 3G (EDGE/UMTS) Script or click this link to download. Copy the script whole folder into your RootDrive>>Library>>Modem Scripts Folder.

Just pair you Nokia as usually you do from Bluetooth Icon in the top. Follow the instructions in Wizard and check both isync and use as a modem checkboxes.

When wizard finishes goto System Preferences>> Network >> Bluetooth (Select from Left).

Click on Advance. Click on Modem and then Select Vendor as Other.

In Model Select Nokia 3G CID1 script

Dial Mode should be Ignore Dial tone when dialing

Leave the all other settings as it is. Click OK to return to previous screen.

In telephone type your APN. I use warid. Also remember to put APN in your mobile Phone (Tools>>Settings>>Connection>>Packetdata>>Accesspoint). You can also check this site for Access Point Name.

Also check “show modem status in menu bar” and click apply.

Now you can connect with your mobile internet by clicking on telephone icon on top. No more problems for me.

Nokia Symbian Phone automatically starts Installation when turned on September 16, 2008

Posted by asimag in N73, N95, N95 8GB, Nokia Symbian.

When you turn on your Nokia Phone starts Installation and then gives message that it is unable to complete installation. This message is very annoying and it appears every time you turn on your phone or insert memory card.

Here is the Solution: You need Xplore and Drakkarious Application.

Install Drakkarious on your phone, Drakkarious will install three apps: hellocarbide, CapsON and CapsOFF. Start Hellocarbide and press yes every time this will allow to view inside private FOLDER. Now turn off security by executing CapsOFF application.

Start X-plore and in Tools>Configuration menu turn on show hidden files and System Files options.

Now go to memory card view PRIVATE folder on it. There will be Folder inside with the name 10202DCE. Delete all files inside this folder have names with numbers/character that are meaningless. 

Thats all.

Switched to Nokia E71 from N95 8GB July 29, 2008

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Yesterday I sold my N95 8GB and bought Nokia flagshop model E71. I am very very happy with this mobile.


Screen is very good. Its dimensions horizontal and vertical are ideal for internet browsing experience and reading email/messages. N95 8gb Screen was some what landscape and you need to rotate it.

FAST, FAST FAST yes, very fast, faster than 8GB. 8GB was so slow installing programs take forever. Credit to its 8GB build in memory for very slow response. Even transfering music files takes for ever on 8GB.

Multiple Home Screens, Yes you can switch between them and themes also changes when you switch.

Notification icons on Home screen.

Dedicated buttons for Home, Contacts, Calendar, Messaging

Beautiful and Sleek looking with pouch.

Excellent QWERTY keybad.

Fast Web Browser supporting YouTube

Comes with Applications like RT Racing, Multiscanner, Advance Call Manager, Solitarie, WorldMate, WiPresenter

Full MS Office Support, create spreadsheets edit existing ones.

Cool illuminated center pad blinks when message comes.

1500ma battery gives 20 hours of standby time.

I purchased it from Hafeez Center @ Rs. 37000/- It comes will Full URDU language support.

Well done nokia…Don’t buy iphone my advice…See on this on my latter article.

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Bluetooth send file Failed Fix/Solution November 5, 2007

Posted by asimag in N73, N95, Nokia 6300, Nokia Symbian, OS X Leopard.

In Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Bluetooth send file will fail from any Handset.

Reason & Resolution:

In OS X Leopard Bluetooth File Sharing is disabled by default. You need to turn it on in Preference -> Sharing Tab

Thanks for the Tip Rafa

Free SIC FTP Client for S60v3 devices October 26, 2007

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SIC Software GmbH has recently released the Free FTP Client for Series 60v3 devices. I have tested the client and it works perfect. You can even specify your own ports. I also uploaded couple of photos from my N95 Memory Card. You can download this client from here. When you click this link you will arrive at the page asking for your phone number. For example if you live in pakistan and have Warid connection You can put +92321466xxxx. You will receive an SMS containing the link. Clicking on the link will start mobile web browser and then clicking on content will download and install it on your series 60v3 device.

TeaShark Mobile Web Browser September 12, 2007

Posted by asimag in N73, N95, Nokia 6300, Nokia Symbian.

TeaShark is a java browser 145K in size. It runs on almost all java enabled phones. Good mobile browser but still in beta. I have installed it on my N95. Very good browsing speed. You can also rotate screen to landscape. You can download it from http://www.teashark.com 

Auto Profiles v2.0 Review September 4, 2007

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I was looking for an application that will allow me to turn off bluetooth in the night and on again in the morning. The reason was simple. I use bluetooth stereo headset and automatically switching my phone bluetooth off will allow me to conserve battery. With AutoProfiles you can do that and much more.

You can also set a schedule to switch to Silent or Meeting Profile automatically or vice versa. One feature I liked most is Calendar Profiling. I use Mac iCal to schedule my meetings etc. Mac OS X Isync automatically sync my appointment/meetings with my Nokia N95. Now here comes in AutoProfile Calendar feature, which detects my meetings and switches my N95 profile automatically to Meeting Profile and then back again to General Profile. Nice Application.

You can download it from here.