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iPhone 3g, OS 3.0 and Pakistan July 7, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone, OS 3.0, Pakistan.

If you have recently upgraded your iphone 3G to OS 3.0 and you live in Pakistan then here are the steps to follow to get most our of your iPhone:

1. Jailbreak your phone by using RedSn0w and then unlock your iphone using Ultrasn0w Software from DevTeam. Apple has not launched iphone in Pakistan so we don’t have any other option…Sorry Apple!

2. Turn on your MMS & tethering. To turn on Tethering visit here and select custom carrier, I use wardtel So APN would be warid. yours differ. Check your mail from iphone and download the file which is send by the site and click install. You will then see Tethering option available in Settings->General->Network

3. To enable MMS simple put the MMS settings in Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network.

4. Caller ID Fix, You will notice that some of SMS does not have names, To fix this go into the Cydia and download CallerID and Format (iSpazio) Fix for OS 3.0.

5. More Later…….


Nokia E71 Firmware 110.07.127 and URDU language Problem December 3, 2008

Posted by asimag in E71, Nokia Symbian, Pakistan, Urdu.

If you live in Pakistan and have recently updated your E71 with new firmware 110.07.127 using Nokia Software Updater then you have fallen a victim of changed Keyboard mapping.

For example (.) period symbol now does not print period(.) it produces (?)question mark, strange!! You will also note that URDU, ARABIC and FARSI language are now replaced with ITALIC, FRENCH etc.

I have looked every where but you can only restore your keyboard language by visiting Nokia Care Center. My advice is not to update to this new firmware.

Closest Solution:

Closest solution I have found to remap my keys to correct ones is to use product code 0566976 instead of 0559577. This code will also restore to phone default language URDU, FARSI and ARABIC, but some keys are still different but you will know where they are.

To change product code you can use NEMESIS or google NOKIA debranding guide.

You can also use Phoenix to change code and upload firmware in one single shot.

Upgrade Your iPhone to 1.1.2 with Pakistan AppSupport November 22, 2007

Posted by asimag in iPhone, Pakistan.
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I have been using this great phone in Pakistan with no problem. Recently I updated it to 1.1.2. Following is Very Short Guide:

1. First Upgrade (Alt+Click RESTORE) your Phone firmware to 1.1.2

2. Downgrade (Alt+Click Restore) Firmware to 1.0.2

3. Jailbreak and Activiate 1.0.2, Install SSH (Hint: Use Independence 3 beta 2)

4. Install Installer, AnySim1.2.1u and BSD SubSystem

5. Run AnySim (Make sure your rename AnySim1.2.1 folder to AnySim)

6. Instal OktoPrep from Installer.app

7. Upgrade (DO NOT RESTORE) to 1.1.2

8. Download Jailbreak 1.1.2 and run jailbreak.jar (click install ssh also)

9. Run iWorld from Installer Select your Country

10. Download AppSupport for Pakistan below, extract AppSupport to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ and overwrite the original.


11. To have Pakistan as a country in your iPhone Address Book while adding contacts download the two Pakistan Country files and copy them into


overwriting the original ones. Reboot your iPhone and enjoy.

There are excellent guides available at Hackint0sh.

iPhone in Pakistan November 12, 2007

Posted by asimag in iPhone, Pakistan.

Purchased iphone (Locked and sealed) from Hafeez Center. I wanted to try unlocking it myself. I searched on the net for unlocking solutions available but they were all outdated or lengthy. First I tried to unlock it with independence 1.3 beta2. Although the process was quite lengthy but I successfully upgraded to firmware 1.1.1 and unlocked it.

Today I tried to lock another iphone but this time used TIF exploit and in just under minute I have unlocked iphone. VisitĀ www.jailbreakme.comĀ to unlock your iphone. Start from “Accessing Safari from Locked phone” link at the bottom.