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My Top Daily Useful Apps for iPhone April 22, 2009

Posted by asimag in iPhone, QuickGold, SBSettings.

My iPhone is getting better and better everyday, thanks to developers who are delivering such a nice Apps, Here is most used Apps on my iPhone:


If you ever used Mac, then you will be quite familiar with QuickSilver. Just type few letters and this App instantly find Application, Browser Bookmarks, SMS, Emails and Contacts. You don’t need to shuffle screen on iphone and look for your Application. It has very small footprint and it does not run in background that is it does not consume Battery.


One of my favourite App, Just swipe your finger on Top status bar and your Toggles Pops up on your screen, where you can turn ON/OFF ssh, 3g, bluetooth, WiFi etc. You can also adjust brightness. I have also downloaded AutoLock and Process Plugin for Sbsettings, which allows you kill background processes if running.


A Fast and new replacement for Cydia. Although some bugs but it updates quite frequently.